1-30 JUNE 2024

Risonanze, where nature is music

June arrives, our forests become green and lush, nature smells of summer.
It is time for Risonanze, the music festival that brings instruments to play where they were born, in the presence of the Val Saisera Resonance Firs, world excellence. An opportunity to rediscover and experience this great natural heritage, to go to the origin of sound, to be involved in the dialogue between instrument and musician, between nature and music, between luthier and artist. Anything but silent, the forest welcomes the sounds and repeats the vibrations that belong to its memory.
An intimate encounter between artist and audience, a more personal and emotional contact with nature: the majestic resonance spruces can be touched and embraced, or even savoured thanks to the recipe for bark bread. People gather around a stage in the forest, close to the artists who tell their stories through words and music. Through many outdoor activities, we unite concerts, nature and wellness, also thinking of our youngest spectators in order to grow the audience of tomorrow. The luthiers take us into the world of musical instruments, of harmonic wood, of a sapient art that has in the cutting of a fir tree its initial ‘A’.

Alberto Busettini – Artistic Director


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