18 and 19.06 Officina dell’Arte


Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 Giugno, 10.00 – 12.30 am / 3.00 – 6.00 pm

In the heart of Malborghetto, the LEGNO VIVO project brings stands with luthiers, craftspeople and professionals from the world of musical instruments to the “Vela musicale” space in Piazza Palazzo Veneziano.


  • Lorenzo Cerneaz – Pianos
  • Stefano Principini – Historical and ethnic drums
  • Christian Casse – Barrel organs
  • Luca Zerilli – String instruments and acoustic guitars
  • Alberto Ponchio – 18th century original musical instruments and working replicas (oboes and bassoons)
  • Marco Móntina – Acoustic guitar
  • Francesca Gallo – Free-reed musical instruments (accordions and harmonicas)
  • Ermes Viel – Horns of the Alps
  • Marco Cargnelutti – String instruments
  • Istituto d’Istruzione Superiore B.Carniello, Sacile-Brugnera (PN) – Achievements of the collaboration between Master Luthiers and Scuola del Mobile


18 June

h. 10.00 am
Christian Casse: Automatism in music

h. 11.00 am
Lorenzo Cerneaz: The History of the Piano. Tradition, Innovation, Perfection

h. 3.00 pm
Marco Móntina: Discovering the soundboard of the guitar

h. 4.00 pm
Francesca Gallo: Phisarmonikos. A life as a singing artisan

h. 5.00 pm
Mario Buonoconto: From iconography to the sound of the instrument itself

h. 6.00 pm
Alberto Ponchio: The working replica, from the museum find to the working wind instrument

19 June

h. 10.00 am
Luca Zerilli: The making of string instruments

h. 11.00 am
Stefano Principini: The sound of the drum in the popular traditions of Friuli and the Tarvisio area