23.06 Circus between Fingers

Circus between Fingers

Sunday 23 June| 11 a.m.
Palazzo Veneziano, Malborghetto

By Pierpaolo di Giusto and Alberto De Bastiani, with Alberto De Bastiani and Paolo Rech.

The Three Fingers Circus is a real miniature circus, the smallest in the world. Alberto De Bastiani plays an old barbershop organ and actively involves the audience, Paolo Rech brings the acrobats, tamers and clowns to life with three fingers of his hand. The cast is full of international performers: Vladimir Bombachev, the last bullet man; Lulu, the strongest woman in the world who confronts the bravest child in the audience; the fakir Ahi Ke Mal; Da Damus the oldest tamer in prehistoric times… and there will be no shortage of amusing interludes by the clowns Pippo and Pepe.