Risonanze is a music festival in the woodland that invites instruments to play right where they were born, at the foot of the spruce trees from which the resonance wood, the one with the fastest sound propagation, is taken.In June, the landscape, the area, notes and sounds come together to offer an incomparable artistic and musical experience: four days of concerts in Val Saisera, theatrical performances, guided walks on the Forest Sound Track, exhibitions and violin-making workshops, shows for children along the Animalborghetto trail, candlelight evening concerts, thematic dinners and the centre of Malborghetto transformed into an open-air living room with light installations and entertainment.An opportunity to rediscover and enjoy this beautiful natural heritage, to get to the origin of sound, to be involved in the dialogue between the instrument and the musician, between nature and music. Anything but silent, the forest welcomes the sounds and repeats the vibrations that belong to its memory.Risonanze is waiting for you!


Risonanze 2023 will take place from 15th to 18th Juni 2023.


Discover the complete program of the 8th edition of Risonanze

the Music Festival in the woodland


  • CONCERTS All concerts are free but booking is required.
  • BABY RISONANZE The Festival Risonanze also focuses on children and allows them to experience exciting events surrounded by nature.
  • RISONANZE OUTDOOR The idea of bringing events into the open spaces provided by nature has always been part of the Risonanze Festival concept. This intuition has been confirmed by ministerial safety regulations, which are now pushing for this type of event to be preferred, while at the same time offering a proposal for experiential tourism to help our tourism and accommodation sector at this difficult time. Therefore, in addition to the concerts, the various activities linked to themed walks, outdoor activities and wellness in the woods, are no longer to be considered side events, but an important focus of the festival.
  • EXHIBITIONS Starting from the 1st of June and during the days of the Festival, at the Ethnographic Museum of Palazzo Veneziano in Malborghetto, there will also be the opportunity to visit some important theme exhibitions.
  • RISONANZE FOOD Don’t forget “Risonanze… da assaggiare” (Risonanze… to be tasted), the food and wine theme offer in the occasion of the Festival. The restaurants of Malborghetto – Valbruna, using local products that are historically linked to the Central European culinary tradition, will propose food and wine theme meals, or aperitifs while waiting for the concert (reservations are recommended).
  • A TU PER TU The event that takes place before each concert, an opportunity to have a talk with guests and artists.


In the search for a special wood, between curls and sawdust.

Ordinary pieces of spruce as drops of a special ink capable of writing the history of the forests of Val Saisera.