Festival merchandising is available:

  • at the festival locations and at the tourist office
  • at the sales point in Val Saisera

Tourist Guide "Valcanale, Talento Naturale"

The ‘Valcanale, Talento Naturale’ tourist guide tells of the beauty, culture and special features of this extraordinary valley. The guide is divided into three sections: summer, winter and traditions/manifestations. You can find it at the Tourist Office of Malborghetto-Valbruna.

Risonanze Perfume
€ 6,50

Bring home the perfume of our forests created by master Lorenzo Dante Ferro. At the sales point in Val Saisera. You can also find it here:Cooperativa Agricoltori Valcanale Soc. Coop. Agr. – Caseificio di Ugovizza, Bar Saisera Hütte, Hotel Ristorante La Baita e Rigugio J.Kugy.
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